Ground search - the Basics

Real Estate 10/28/2020

Where and how can I find my optimal building ground? What are important criteria?

In the last blog we dedicated ourselves to the search for an existing property. But what if the long-standing wish is to put one's own idea on paper? Here, of course, there is the opportunity to look for a building ground and place his long-awaited house on it. But what do you need to fulfill your dream? These and many other questions will be resolved today.

First of all, of course, the question of where you want to live has to be clarified? Do you rather like the comfortable life in a city, a farm in the countryside or a family house in a quiet area? No matter what it is, there is certainly something for everyone. Since this is not a guide to property developers, but rather to the normal consumer, a single-family house with a family of four is thought of here

If you decide where you want to go, you have to check with the municipality whether there are any restrictions on the construction project. Sometimes there is also a so-called construction obligation, that is, from the purchase of the building land you have a deadline from when the construction must start. If, for example, the construction period is five years, it must start at the latest on the last day of the five-year period. In other places, only part of the land may be cultivated and the rest must remain meadow. It may also be that other objects prevent the value of the building ground, such as a power pole.

If all possible problems have been eliminated, the construction still cannot take place. Why are you wondering? Because it is only the budget and basic equipment of the house that has to be chosen so that the construction workers can orient themselves and conscientiously do their work. Building a house costs a lot of money due to the high demand in the real estate market, which is why budgeting should not be underestimated. Price comparisons are also highly recommended if you want to look at your money. The setting of the available money also varies in the size of the house, to build a two-storey single-family house of course costs more than the completion of a small bungalow.

Now the project can finally start. It will take a lot of energy and nerves to turn the property into reality, but after about one to two years, they have also endured this stress and they can soon move into their dream home. The long and frequent trips to the furniture house will be worthwhile, because once the house is equipped as you imagined it, then it can be lived wonderfully and pleasantly.

People always have to eat and sleep. Immotom. com stands for finding the perfect property for everyone. In retrospect, one can say that the location is the most important for the ground search. Where do I want to live? This is the most important question you have to ask yourself in the real estate market. Young people tend to want to move out, to the nearest big city in a small apartment for rent, while older people usually have the need to make themselves comfortable in a small holiday home.

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Melanie Mayr