Ground Search – Details

Real Estate 11/15/2020

What do I have to consider when searching? What are the problems and subsequent solutions?

In the second part of the search for the individually perfect building ground, we deal with possible problems and their associated solutions, which may occur on the way to the goal of the search. Frequently asked questions are listed here to make everything a little easier for you.

Are there any registered rights and obligations in the land register? Does the object contain non-book debit and disposal bans or other comments? This is a very important question directly for the beginning. Because if you do not plan this carefully, then it can quickly lead to disagreements and problems shortly before the purchase contract.

Can I build the plot the way I want it, or are there any restrictions? You have to be aware that if my dream property should finally belong to me, I still can’t do everything I want on it. There are certain principles and regulations that are regulated in the municipality and in the law. In some cases, there may also be other things on the property, such as a power tower. This restricts you very much when it comes to building. While such problems could be postponed, you usually have to go very deep into your pockets. So if you are faced with this problem, then either reduce the price so that it would not be too bad for you to move the masts or you let such problems be clarified and solved by the previous owner.

Is the plot of land I want also suitable for private use or is it only intended as purely commercial space? It is of great advantage to know whether the property is available for private use at all, because otherwise it can quickly end badly if one is not aware of these facts and is left empty-handed with no private building land.

Is my desired object located near a danger zone, so that there are restrictions in the building project? Here, too, great caution is called for, because, as one can perhaps already deduce from the word danger zone, this means that there may be flood hazards or possible forces of nature in the vicinity of the property. This means that there is a certain restriction with regard to the construction project. So you can't just buy a cheap plot of land in the middle of a danger zone and then build a few large blocks of flats on it. The best way to do this would be simply to look into the digital cadastral map or to contact the municipality to find out what dangers could arise here.

How much space do I need for my future property? You also have to think about how big you want my house to be. Do I prefer to live in a large apartment building where more parties come together or would I prefer to make it more common in a terraced house? Furthermore, we accompany you on your search for the perfect property. If you have any questions or other suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. www. immotom. com find your home!

Melanie Mayr