Why is now the perfect time to invest in real estate?

Real Estate 07/01/2020

Optimize your portfolio by investing in real estate for economic reasons

Each of us remembers the subprime crisis in the United States in 2008/2009. European banks and investors bought subprime assets from America. Banks liked to sell these products to their investors because it was a very simple business model with little effort.

But the investments were on "shaky legs". Investors lost their money buying subprime bonds from poorly rated loans in the United States.

In contrast, the investor who bought real estate directly in Europe, particularly Austria and Germany, has achieved an enormous return on investment.

In addition, the rush to Central Europe has continued through many migrants. The migrants came from the Middle East, especially from the war regions around Syria. Many of the people will stay here in Central Europe and provide a further surge in demand on the real estate market, through family reunification etc.

Now we are in the middle of the next crisis, the corona "pandemic". The central banks of America and Europe pour the cornucopia around them. In the United States, there is around $ 2 trillion in helicopter money. In Europe, the European Central Bank wants to pump around EUR 750 billion into the market.

It should be clear that this increase in the money supply will not remain without effects. You can already see that big investors are parking their money in real assets like real estate and gold.

Since digital money, so-called FIAT money, can be reproduced as required, it is all the more important to protect your own hard-earned money from inflation.

As so often in the past, the solution is also: real estate!

A property is not so easily reproducible. Particularly good locations, for example in cities, are like golden nuggets. That is why a proverb also means that the 3 most important points when buying property are: location - location - location.

We have many 10,000s of properties from quality consultants online here at www.immotom.com. These gentlemen are all experts in their field and have undergone appropriate training. We can only recommend that you browse through the portal and instead of leaving money in the savings book for a defacto zero interest rate, select the right property for you and invest your money securely and securely.

Because one thing is certain: people always have to eat and live. That is why qualitative apartments in good locations will always be in demand, no matter what the future looks like and no matter what crises we may face.

Melanie Mayr